Monday, July 14, 2008

Pet Peeve: American Apparel

I decided to start it off light. But i would like to say that this store is BULLSHIT! Never have I hated neon colors so much until I walked by that damn store on the way to class. Who in their fucking minds would wear neon yellow skinny jeans and think that was indeed the hot shit? Please. Stop.

I haven't seen so much cheaply clothes since I regrettably walked my ass into Hollister. The material is paper thin and would barely survive a couple of times through a washer machine. And who the fuck brought back spandex suits and who exactly wears that out in public? I know who, those fucking "hipster" kids from LA thinking that they are so original. Smoking cigarettes wearing a sweatband around their head in fucking Ugg boots and neon leggings. WTF!!!!

And more annoying are their ads. Why do I have to see some random person in a shirt or pants that undoubtedly comes in 4 million other colors while I'm minding my fucking business, checking my facebook account? I don't understand. And the fact that the clothes are usually in all these colors further lets me know that quantity is the goal, not quality. So, why would I spend $25+ on a shirt that will end up ripping. I rather take my ass to Target.


Renee said...

If I make an unsolicited suggestion how about skipping Target and buying used. You will spend less and your money will not go to support sweat shop labor.

Kara said...

I like that suggestion. I do live in NYC so that shouldn't be hard to do.